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The Marriage He Demands

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

By Brenda Jackson

What can I say? If you enjoy reading stories about handsome, sexy, intelligent men with cool swaggers and beautiful, down to earth, strong women with hidden vulnerabilities then you will absolutely enjoy this beautifully written romantic story. Before I go further, I will start by saying that I enjoy reading about this other side of the Westmoreland clan, the Outlaws. These brothers are fine as wine (forgive the cliché but its true lol) with each of them possessing his own distinct swagger.

Cash Outlaw is handsome with an underlying smooth swagger, and I love how he goes for what he wants, and he wanted Brianna Banks the first time he saw her. The feeling was mutual for Brianna. Cash was her fantasy man. They become closer as Brianna helps Cash take inventory of the Dude Ranch left to him by his mother, Ellen, and she hopes he decides to reopen the ranch. The question is can Cash get over past feelings of abandonment from his late mother to see the possibilities of all he can profit from the ranch? The irresistible feelings he has for Brianna is bringing him closer to that point and closer to a love he never expected. Can Brianna also get over a past relationship to accept the love that awaits her in Cash's arms?

Brenda Jackson is an amazing storyteller and I love how she can draw you into the story but also the characters and their relationships even in a novella.

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