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The Book of Luke: Earthquake (The Gems & Gents Series)

Dear Readers,

Iris Bolling did it again in true Iris Bolling fashion with the last book in the Gems & Gents Series, The Book of Luke: Earthquake. And of course, if you ever read an Iris Bolling romance, it’s not just a romance. The leading couple’s romantic interests may be the main point of the story, but you will also have intrigue, action, espionage, and more in many Iris Bolling novels. And this book does not disappoint on any of those levels. I read the book twice, that’s how good the story is! I wanted to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

Everyone in the Lassiter clan is talented, hardworking and highly intelligent but what I admire the most is the love, loyalty and support they have for each other and their parents Joe & Sally. They are the type of people who will have your six always. Now this story is about the last single Lassiter, Luke Tremayne Lassiter aka Earthquake.

Now this brother is a top NFL player, but he is more than just an outstanding athlete, he has brawn and brains. He has a degree in education & engineering and leads a secret co-op team that builds underground tunnels in the US and abroad. Even with all of that going on in his life, something is missing. As he watches his siblings find their soulmate, he is wondering if it will happen to him and how will he know it. Following his mother, Sally’s advice and learning from the ques his siblings experienced, Luke decides to wait patiently for his love to come along. His patience is rewarded when Sasha Coles drops into his life.

Sasha is an equal match for Luke as she is also beautiful and brains. She is gorgeous, has a great figure and she is an interpreter for the United Nations specializing in deciphering several languages. Unfortunately, she did not grow up with the same loving family as Luke did, but she has now discovered the other side of her family and how amazing they are, and they have welcomed her into their fold. She is finding it hard to adjust as she is loner due to the dysfunctional relationship with her mother, but she is trying, and secretly desires the closeness of being part of a loving & supportive family.

Luke needs Sasha’s help interpreting documents that will uncover who is behind the threat to the Lassiter family. This threat happens to know many of the Lassiter secrets and the agenda is to destroy them all. Luke will not allow that to happen. Not on his watch! This is the part where we experience mystery & action throughout the novel.

The attraction is instant between Luke & Sasha and more intense than anything either one of them has experienced before. I loved the heat between the two characters but what captured my heart was seeing the love unfold between them.

The Book of Luke cross references The Book of Matthew: Adonis, A Piece of Her Heart, the 8th book in the Heart series and Jade as stated in the introduction, but I really love how the author pieces it together so well. If you are a fellow Iris Bolling fan you will appreciate the scenes from the other novels from Luke and Sasha’s point of view, and if this is your first-time reading Iris Bolling, you will still be able to easily follow along and enjoy the story, however your interest will be peaked, and I recommend reading the other novels.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading each book in the Gems & Gents series and know this dear reader that this is not the end of the Lassiters. This family is fierce, and I look forward to reading the next stories where the Lassiters’ will be kicking butt & taking numbers, fighting to save their country. Thank you, Iris, for writing another novel where your readers can escape into and imagine themselves as part of the Lassiter crew.

~Intrigue, Action, Espionage and More!

The Master Storyteller Does It Again!

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