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The Aftermath

The Aftermath by Iris Bolling

Suspense Novel

Main Characters: Nate Reigns and Skylar Burrell

Iris Bolling is a master storyteller! Her romance novels are incredible, and I must say she hit a

homeroom with her first full out Suspense Novel!

I don’t know how to prepare you for the Aftermath without giving away spoilers so all I can say

is this is A MUST Read. Now to be honest I mostly read romance genre from historical to contemporary and everything in between lol! Sometimes with suspense novels it takes time for me to get into the story. The Aftermath captured my attention right away and from that point on I was hooked and literally I could have finished this book in a day if I had the time, but it took me two days due to my schedule.

Here is brief synopsis of the story.

Nate Reigns is one of the top, if not the best, Detectives of the Richmond Police Department,

but he was first a highly successful Defense Attorney at his father’s law firm. Due to his phenomenal skills and the many errors he found in the Richmond Police departments lack of following procedures he was able to get many criminals acquitted. However, this was slowly eating away at his soul and one case pushed him over the edge. The aftermath of that incident was the final straw for Nate, and he decided to leave his father’s law firm and pursue justice as a detective.

His mentor during his police academy days and the person who taught him his top-notch detective skills was Alex Burnett, who was the newly elected Commonwealth Attorney General of Virginia. Alex is murdered and now Nate is on the case and will do anything to avenge and seek justice for his mentor and friend who was more like a brother to him. Nate does not do it alone and meets Skylar Burrell who was the Prosecuting Attorney working with Alex on a case involving sex trafficking. Skylar Burrell has beauty and brains and has a way of putting men who only see her beauty in their place.

Nate, Skylar, and a wonderful cast of characters work to uncover Alex’s murder but has they go

deeper into the investigation they discover that this goes way beyond finding a murderer. This

investigation is now tied to uncovering a corrupt organization that has members as far up as the Federal Gov’t.

This story has so many wonderful twists and turns that you don’t know what to expect, and the

characters are full of surprises and great backstories that you just cannot wait to read the next

installment, or you may even have to go back to read her other stories which I promise you will not be disappointed!

Grab your glass of wine, your snuggies, and block out a day on your calendar to read the

Aftermath! (Call in sick for a mental health day LOL!). Also, you will want to have your girlfriend read it too because you are going to want to discuss this book after reading it! Absolutely riveting and an exciting suspense novel!

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