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Soul Series by Aja

Soul Series

By Aja

Main Characters: Zora, Zena, Zola and Zoe

Aja is a creative storyteller adding bits of magic in her Soul Series.

I love the Z ladies Zora, Zena, Zola and Zoe. These women have a special gift to see the future and recognize their soulmates if they can open up and trust their gifts.

The series begins with Zola’s love story, then follows her big sister Zena’s story and then Zena’s daughter Zoe. The last installment will end with Zora, Zena & Zola’s mother which I can’t wait to read when it comes out this month.

What I appreciate about these stories is not only the instant physical attraction but a soul discovering it’s soulmate. I also love the gifting that is apparent in these beautifully strong women who are confident and successful but each of them must uncover the strength of their gift by opening their heart to love. The men in the Series match the women perfectly. They are strong, talented, smart and sexy.

Warning the love scenes are not for the faint of heart. Definitely filled with passion and the creme de la creme is the connection between the lovers that enhances the love scenes twofold. This series of books are a hot & steamy modern day romances that will touch your heart.

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