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Society of Intellectual Beings

Society of Intellectual Beings By Iris Bolling Main Characters Wade Tyson- Rachel Fontaine Monty Tyson- Dane Tyson Ross Tyson Drake Tyson S.I.B = Society of Intellectual Beings Bradford Chambers Jr. Bradford Chambers III

Iris Bolling did it again with another RIVETING story that is mystery, suspense, sci-fi and a touch of romance!!! OMG this story is AWESOME! Meet the Tyson Brothers: Monty, Dane, Wade, Ross, and Drake. These five brothers met while in the foster care system. Each of them was misunderstood and had different behaviors that no one could comprehend until Kate Tyson became their social worker. One of the main reasons why no one truly understood them was because each one had extremely high IQs. Only Kate had a special way of having them open-up and she is the one who brought them together as a family. Unfortunately, Kate dies but before she passes, she asks her father to adopt the boys and raise them knowing they would be lost in the system if he did not. Dan Tyson loved his daughter and knew how important the boys were to her, so he honored her wishes and adopted all five boys and raised them well.

Each of the brothers operates a different division in Tyson Communications. Wade heads the news division as the Network Executive, which is where he met Rachael Fontaine, Investigative Reporter. You can read their romance in News with Curves, and I promise you will enjoy their love story along with the suspense and mystery to solve. It is nice to see the continuation of their relationship in S.I.B. This is the touch of romance. Now if you already read News with Curves then you are already a little familiar with the Talented Tyson Brothers, but this story takes it much deeper. Rachael was on an investigation that led her to a women’s prison facility where one of the inmates she was going to interview was murdered. Wade joins her on this investigation when he learns that the deceased inmate was his biological mother, and then 24 hours after her death, his biological father is murdered in another prison facility. This investigation leads Wade and his brothers to a small town in Virginia where they uncover a secret experiment to create highly intellectual beings. The purpose is to create human beings who will make decisions based solely on logic with no emotional attachments at all and place them in positions of power & authority in the US Government to create and maintain a more perfect union. This experiment is known as the Society of Intellectual Beings.

How the Intellectual Beings was created was by taking sperm and eggs from highly intelligent men & women and performing IVF (invitro). Founder of S.I.B is Bradford Chambers Sr. who is deceased, his son Bradford Jr. continued the work, and his son Bradford III began creating serums to control the S.I.B subjects. The “clinics” they establish in this small town is really a disguise for IVF services where they are stealing women’s eggs and men’s sperm who had a high IQ to create S.I.Bs. Wade Tyson is the center of this story. His mother left behind journals to explain his special abilities which also comes to fruition as he reads each journal. He discovers that he is the bond that holds his brothers together and maybe the key to S.I.Bs as well. Each brother except Wade finds out that they were once part of the S.I.B experiment.

I could not put this book down and it is another piece to the puzzle that unfolds in The Aftermath. Now depending on how deep you would like to go, I would suggest creating a glossary of the different organizations that unfold in these three books and I would read in this order:

1. News with Curves 2. The Aftermath 3. The Society of Intellectual Beings

I just began creating a glossary for myself with S.I.B but I will go back and reread News with Curves and the Aftermath to add to my glossary. To my fellow readers, this series will BLOW your mind and I cannot wait for the next installment

P.S. If you’re an Iris Bolling fan then you will enjoy seeing some of your favorite agents appear from her previous series, the Heart and Lassiter books, of course I had to go back and reread some of these stories and uncovered connections of characters, organizations, and additional puzzle pieces. It makes we wonder how long Ms. Bolling has been plotting out this amazing story line.

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