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Redemption on Rivers Ranch

Redemption on Rivers Ranch (Harlequin Special Edition)

By Kathy Douglass

Main Characters: Carson Rivers and Gabriella Tucker

Kathy Douglas writing is charming with an added dose of passion! Redemption on Rivers Ranch

was a pleasurable read!

Redemption on Rivers Ranch is the love story between Gabriella Tucker and Carson Rivers who

were the best friends while growing up. Gabriella would visit her aunt and uncle’s ranch every summer up until she was 15 and Carson’s family owned the ranch across the way.

Unfortunately, life took them both in different directions, but Gabriella decides to come back to

the place where she felt secure and carefree. She wanted her kids to experience the same carefree summer days that she experienced, hoping that it will help them all heal from the divorce.

Carson Rivers also needs time to heal due to his father’s past transgression, and former wedding

engagement. He has made himself somewhat of a recluse until Gabriella and her kids come into town and asks him for horseback riding lessons. This brings him back to life and rekindles his friendship with Gabriella, but this time there is a natural attraction between the two that is undeniable & irresistible.

This is our first time reading a book from the Sweet Briars series by Ms. Douglas, and we look

forward to reading her other Sweet Brian’s novels!

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