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Moonlight Ridge Book Series

Moonlight Ridge Book Series

Homecoming Heartbreaker by Joss Wood

Best Laid Wedding Plans by Karen Booth

Just a Little Married by Reese Ryan

Moonlight Ridge Series is about three foster brothers who once had a close bond due to the love & strength of family shown to them by their foster dad, Jameson Holloway. But due to a severe accident that happened when they were teenagers the brothers grew apart and distanced themselves from each other and their home at Moonlight Ridge Resort.

They each became very successful in their prospective careers but never really healing from the scars of the accident. Their dad became ill and each of them promised to return and help their father recover from his illness and assist in managing the Moonlight Ridge Resort, the home in which they grew up in and shared so many fond memories. Upon their return home, they discover that Moonlight Ridge is not doing as well as their father had them believe and must work together to find a way to save the Resort. This of course brings them together one by one and they are finally able to heal, reform their bond, and find the love of their lives.

I absolutely enjoyed reading each of the books in the series. The authors did a fantastic job in their collaboration, picking up where the other left off and creating a cohesive storyline while keeping the focus on the main characters that each author was writing about.

` Joss Wood begins the series with Homecoming Heartbreaker, the story of the oldest brother, Mack Holloway. Joss did an excellent job in introducing the storyline and the main characters of Mack Holloway and the love he left behind Molly Haskell who now is the manager of Moonlight Ridge. Mack did not leave on good terms with Molly, never even saying goodbye even though they were high school sweethearts, wild for each other and madly in love during that time. Mack had his reasons for leaving Molly, but I will not tell all in this review. You will have to read it to find out. I enjoyed the tension due to past hurt, and the still instant and underlying attraction with Mack &Molly. I fell in love with Jameson Holloway, the father. Jameson Holloway is charming, down to earth, has a great heart, and tenacious.

Karen Booth followed up with the second story Best Laid Wedding Plans which is the story of the middle brother Gray Holloway. Gray has also been cool, calm and collected as the middle brother. He still has those same traits as a successful architect with a dose of very strong discipline. Well, when he meets Autumn Kincaid, his discipline slips. Autumn is the Wedding Planner at Moonlight Ridge and happens to also be the temptation Gray cannot resist physically at first then it begins to turn into something more and something he never expected. He can truly be himself and let his guard down with Autumn. Autumn is beautiful, fun and I love her optimism despite the many obstacles she faces personally that flows over into her business.

Reese Ryan wraps up the series with Just a Little Married, the story of Travis Holloway. Travis suffered the most from the accident, injuring his knee which meant his football scholarship was gone. But with the help of his foster dad, Jameson, he was able to recover physically, mentally and somewhat emotionally (all three brothers still had some healing left to do). Travis became a famous chef and returned to Moonlight Ridge Resort to restore and revamp the menu. During his time there, he becomes reacquainted with the girl who broke his heart when he was a teenager and asked by his mentor to help her with a charity dinner she was planning. Riley George did not forget about Travis, he was her first love, and even though she had other relationships, she realized nothing compared to what she felt for Travis all those years ago and even now the attraction was still there and still strong for the both of them. Reese Ryan added more intrigue to the series with Riley’s predicament, and a surprising family secret along with the mystery of who was stealing from Moonlight Ridge which was discovered in book 1 and continued to escalate throughout the series.

All three authors did excellent writing where you were able to understand what each hero and heroine were feeling throughout the build of the relationship and each author certainly added great steam and heat to each love story. I also enjoyed the added love story of Jameson Holloway and truly appreciated the diversity in bloodlines and characteristics of each brother, their ladies, Jameson Holloway, and the other supporting characters in the series.

Dear readers, make sure that you purchase all three books because you will want to read each story back to back to back!

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