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His to Protect

by Sharon Cooper

Main Characters: Connie Shaw and Trace Halstead

Connie Shaw enjoys her career as the Operating Officer of Layton Executive Protection Agency.

She has a great relationship with her friend and owner of Layton Agency, and a loving supportive

relationship with her sister. However, according to her history with the opposite sex, she has horrible taste in men and vows to never mix business with pleasure. Trace Halstead was an exception to that rule when she let down her guard and they had a one-night stand. After that she promised to keep it light and not let their relationship go any further since Trace was one of the Security Professionals at the agency. For Trace, that one night stand with Connie was unforgettable and he would like to pursue their relationship further.

Connie’s life is in danger being a key witness during a bank robbery. Trace vows to protect her

becomes her bodyguard until the robbers are apprehended. Connie and Trace draw closer to each other and finally give in to not only their attraction but to the possibility of something more.

What I enjoyed about this book is the unexpected characteristics you discover in the main

characters, more so in Trace Halstead. I also enjoyed reading the underlying reasons for Connie’s

reservations with men & relationships which not only stem from her past boyfriends but other familial relationships as well. I was getting a little frustrated with Connie’s almost unrelenting independence in trying to handle her anxiety & fear on her own, and not letting her friends or family help her. It did showcase Trace’s patience but also his persistence in being there for Connie. Add in the suspense of uncovering who was after Connie along with the romance between Connie & Trace and you have a great read like watching a Lifetime movie.

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