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Follow Your Heart

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

By, Brenda Jackson

Imagine a budding romance happening in a small town on the Bayou close to the City of New Orleans, where the people are friendly, the food is amazing, and the town is known for its blueberries and you have book 4 of the Cataline Cove series, Follow Your Heart.

Mama Laverne is at again with her match making subversions and this time her attention is on her great granddaughter Victoria Madaris. Now Victoria is quite content with her life. She is a successful television journalist on a popular news station, she is enjoying the cottage she rented that resides on an apple orchard, and she has made friends with many of the residence in Catalina Cove. But she knows Mama Laverne is persistent and has a 100% success ratio in matching the members of their family with their soulmate. Victoria fully trusts Mama Laverne's selection of a mate for her. The catch is Mama Laverne doesn't tell Victoria who the man is, she must wait for the man to approach her. So, when she happens to bump into long-time family friend Tanner Jamison in New Orleans, she assumes this is the man Mama Laverne must have chosen for her. When Tanner asks her out on a date, she knows for sure he us the man. Or is he?

Victoria meets Roman Malone Jr., who is an up-and-coming politician and just elected Senator for the state of Texas. They meet at the news station where she works, and he is there for an interview. Roman looked familiar, then she remembered that he is the Godson to her uncle and introduces herself. The attraction is instant between the two though both try to hide it.

Roman is not looking for love just some time away from all the press, stress and work in D.C. After the interview, he is headed to Catalina Cove, the perfect place to get away and relax. But when he finds out that Victoria lives there, it's the icing on the cake for him and he hopes to run into her again. Of course, they run into each other in Catalina Cove and the romance is on!

I could not put this book down! I was drawn into Victoria & Roman's love story I sighed during the romantic moments, was caught up with the twist & turns, enjoyed the steamy love scenes, and there is even another love story that readers will adore.

As all her fans know, Brenda Jackson is an amazing writer and this time she lures you into the world of Cataline Cove where the cast of characters feel like family and the place feels like home.

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