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Careless Whispers

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

By Synthia Williams

This story is a beautiful love story about Elaina Robidoux, who is shrewd and always on guard due to the constant heartache she received from family and other past relationships. She is incredibly determined to keep her emotions in check as she does not want to show any weakness not even to those who love her. She may be able to hide her feelings from some of the people closest to her, but she cannot hide her feelings from Alex Tyson even though she tries. Alex can see past her veneer to the woman inside. I love how the author wrote the story mainly through the lens of Elaina and Alex, but with the dialog they have with their circle of family and friends they begin to see that what they think and what they portray does not always align and greatly affects that circle. It is a wonderful read which will take you on an emotional roll-a-coaster ride where you are rooting for the leading lady and her leading man at every turn. It was also hugely enjoyable reading and anticipating how they will overcome all hurdles to be together, and finally receive & accept the love they were both needing & searching for

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