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Business Not As Usual By Sharon Cooper Main Characters: Dreamy Daniels and Karter Redford

Dear Reader,

Sharon Cooper’s latest novel Business Not As Usual is hilarious and heartwarming, it’s what I would call a literary Rom-Com. I was laughing throughout the story and at the same time rooting for the main characters to succeed in their personal endeavors and find a way to make their relationship work.

Dreamy Daniels is hard working, optimistic, colorful on the inside and out, and true to her name, a dreamer. She believes with all her heart that she is going to win the lottery, help her family out of the poor house and make all their dreams come true.

She and her cousin, Jordyn, lives with their grandfather aka Gramps in an old house located in Los Angeles that is falling apart. Dreamy is in night school trying to finish her bachelors and Jordyn is trying to finish law school. Both young ladies work full time jobs and take care of Gramps, and they were both raised by their grandparents. What I truly admire about Dreamy is not just her optimistic spirit despite many setbacks but also her belief, which is so tangible that as a reader I could feel it too.

Our leading man, Karter Redford, owns and manages his own Venture Capitalist firm. Karter is the son of a famous actor, and his mother is a socialite who throws other socialites in front of Karter hoping he would make a match, but he is not interested in that kind of woman, especially after a past relationship and one of his best friends passes away at 40. Karter is now looking at his life and even though he has money, success, great friends and family, he is still not living a fulfilling life.

When Karter and Dreamy meet it’s attraction at first site. Dreamy is the executive assistant for the President of a tech company who needs funding for his business. They are doing a presentation for Karter in hopes that his company will fund the tech company. That’s where the two meet and Karter soon realizes that Dreamy knows the ends and outs of the company as well as the individuals who work diligently for the company. It’s because of the information Dreamy shares about the work and the people that he decides to take a closer look into the company.

After the meeting, Karter just couldn’t resist asking Dreamy out, however Dreamy turned him down. She was doing her best to protect her heart since she former boyfriend ended their relationship implying that Dreamy was not the type of woman who would fit in to the social scene he was trying to get into as a wannabe high powered attorney. That shook her confidence which is why she has sworn off men for the time being, and that included Cutie Pie Karter with a K (I love that nickname).

I don’t want to give the whole story away so you will have to read and find out how Karter convinced Dreamy to give him a chance and enjoy all the antics that happens between the two.

I also really enjoyed the supporting characters in this story as well. You have the feisty and no-nonsense cousin Jordyn and Karter’s sister, the talented designer Morgan, and Gramps who is so funny and a Mac Daddy, and that’s just a few of the character’s you will find in this novel. I hope that Sharon Cooper writes a story for both ladies making this a three-part book series.

This is great read from beginning to end.



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