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An International Affair

An International Affair

Luke & Sasha Wedding

By Iris Bolling

Dear BBS readers, I cannot get enough of the Lassiters, and I am so excited about the new series by Iris Bolling where we will experience Four Weddings and hopefully not a funeral, but with Iris you never know lol. The four Lassiter Weddings are for Luke & Sasha, Phire & LT, Matt & Leah, and Jade & Blake. Luke & Sasha will begin the Lassiter Wedding Season with An International Affair.

Luke & Sasha’s love story is The Book of Luke: Earthquake which is also the last book in the Gems & Gents series. An International Affair is a great novella of their journey on the way to the altar for their happily ever after. You don’t have to read the Gems & Gents series to enjoy the Wedding series but after reading this you will probably want to read the series and I would start at the beginning with Teach Me.

Usually in some romance novels it ends with a wedding and the epilogue gives you a glimpse into the couple’s lives after the wedding, however Iris gives us a wonderful novella to highlight all the love & all the drama a wedding can bring. For the love portion, we experience more of the heat between Luke & Sasha, but I also love the displays of the heart & deep affection that grows between our hero and heroine. And now for the Drama, let me tell you that Stephanie Coles, Sasha’s mother, brings out the drama. When it comes to bad moms, I usually reference fairy tales, so Stephanie Coles reminds me of Cinderella’s “evil” stepmother, however Stephanie out does Cinderella’s stepmother, with her ever increasing sense of entitlement and determination to get what she feels she is owed. Now this entitlement is just for giving birth to her daughter and supplying the bare minimum of care & attention. Stephanie plots to get millions from Luke and Sasha’s powerful family connections.

Iris Bolling’s creativity in character building shines through in all her stories for both the protagonist and antagonist. Her ingenuity in writing “evil” Mothers is great. As the reader, I feel all the frustration, sadness, and irritation that our heroine feels who has a toxic parent, but a glimpse into why or how that parent is or became toxic humanizes the character and provides a feeling of compassion on a certain scale for the reader to experience. We get a glimpse of more toxic family relationships to come in the next weddings as well.

I don’t want to give away the whole story, but I promise that you will thoroughly enjoy this book and will not be able to wait until you can get your hands on the next. To help with the anticipation of the next, if you haven’t read the Gems & Gents or the Heart Series, I highly recommend both series. When you begin either series, it will give you more insight into Luke and Sasha’s incredible families.



Brown Book Series P.S. If you are not familiar with the Lassiters, here is a brief synopsis; the Lassiters are a family of twelve children who were sired & raised by Joe and Sally Lassiter. All their children are highly intelligent, giving & caring individuals who are very patriotic and close to half of them are in extremely dangerous government careers. The Gems & Gents series is about how each of them find an everlasting love filled with passion & true devotion like the love their parents share, while either saving the country, protecting each other, solving conspiracies, and fighting for the love they have found. This is a GREAT series, and you will fall in love with all the Lassiters just like I have.

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