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A Family for the Firefighter

By Jacquelin Thomas

Main Characters: Leon Rothchild and Misty Brightwater

Welcome to Polk Island in the Carolinas. This is a picturesque place with a rich history and many

of the descendants of the original founder still live, work, and reside there. In fact, our hero, Leon

Rothchild is a descendant and a firefighter of Polk Island. He is no stranger to grief as he loss his parents at a young age and raised by his Aunt Eleanor. He also lost his wife and child. So, when one of his best friends dies in a car accident, Leon is feeling weary of going through the grieving process. He vows to be there for his friend’s three-year-old daughter, Talei. However, he never expected to fall in love with her mother, Misty Brightwater, his friend’s ex-wife.

Misty Brightwater moved to Polk Island because she loved the atmosphere and community and

knew it would be a perfect place to raise her daughter. Eleanor hired Misty to be the baker at her café and Misty loved it and she loved Ms. Eleanor too. After going through divorce and leaving an abusive relationship, Misty was looking forward to a simple & comfortable lifestyle, no drama. Unfortunately, tragedy struck again with the loss of her ex-husband. She did love him and hoped he would be able to deal with his personal issues that were led by his father, but now she had to comfort her young daughter.

She wasn’t expecting to fall in love either but the more she got to know Leon Rothchild the more

difficult it was for her not to fall in love. This was truly a beautiful and heartwarming story. There were many heavy topics like losing loved ones, divorce, domestic violence, family discord, forgiveness, and major illness but the author didn’t delve too deeply into the full scope of each experience. From my perspective, the main point was in moving forward and figuring out how to enjoy life and love again. It is important that you surround yourself with people who will encourage and assist you during life’s challenges and nudge you towards things that are good for you which is why I appreciate the Polk Island community and families that the

author created.

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