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An Earl, The Girl and A Toddler

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

By Vanessa Riley

Book 2 of Rogues & Remarkable Women

I love reading Regency romance novels. There's just something about the Lords and Ladies, fancy balls & ballgowns and of course the hero & heroine defying the restrictions of the ton in order to take hold of a chance at happiness and true love.

This Regency Romance gives you all the above and more. And guess what? The main character is BLACK along with many of the supporting characters in the novel. OMG! As a black woman, I never saw myself represented in any of the characters in Regency Romance until now. Of course, we can thank Bridgerton Netflix Series for helping to making it mainstream but Vanessa Riley truly brings it to life because...drum roll please...BLACK People were a part of the Regency Era in England (as we are in all parts of history but are often excluded from the story in my opinion).

Now the characters in her novel are fictional but some are based on real life black people who lived and thrived in Regency England. I did not realize this until I read the Author's Note at the end of the novel, and yes, I read Author's Notes LOL, but I digress.

This story is about Daniel Thackery, Earl of Ashbrook, who is also a successful barrister and Jemina St. Maur, a widow who is part of the Widow's Grace, a secret organization that assists widows who have been dealt with unjustly. Jemina has amnesia and cannot remember her past and soon finds out that Daniel, the barrister who saved her from Bedlam, has more information regarding her past. In pursuit of the truth, she and Daniel collide, and their attraction grows deeper. Daniel is a protector by nature, and he will protect the life he has made for him and his little daughter Hope. Jemina's insistent searching may jeopardize the life he has built as well as her own future.

I love the passion between Daniel and Jemina, the secret activities of the Widow's Grace, the truths that unfold, and new mysteries that arise. This is an excellent novel that romance readers will thoroughly enjoy.

Thank you, Vanessa for bringing to light a portion of the black experience during this historical time period.

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